Bretton Woods Conference 2011: Simon Johnson on Too-Big-To-Fail

Published By: FedUpUSA on April 12, 2011

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VIDEO: An excellent video.  This is the heart of much of our economic catastrophe.  Sovereign governments are sacrificing themselves for private banking institutions.  Trillions upon trillions of taxpayer dollars, world-wide, are being transferred to banks that have destroyed themselves many times over with their Enron-style Ponzi schemes and ‘creative accounting.’  The question is, how long will people stand for it?  Soon it will be too late.   So far, Iceland is the ONLY country whose people have made the right choice, while Ireland and Greece have made the devastatingly wrong choice — with Portugal ready to follow suit.


3 Responses to “Bretton Woods Conference 2011: Simon Johnson on Too-Big-To-Fail”

  1. Bretton Woods II – The Final Enslavement of Mankind | Dark Politricks Says:

    [...] for the Skidelsky interview. Then view the Panel at INET’s Bretton Woods Conference for the real story behind the push for a single global central bank [...]

  2. Mary Says:

    In the book named Money Changers by Andrew C. Hitchcock, World Conservtion Bank is funded in 1987, by Edmond de Rothschild. On another net site it was said that this bank would be the single global central bank.

    On Paul A. Drockton site he said that actually Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan-Chase, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, British Petroleum and Shell Oil, are all Rothschild holdings. On Jeff Rense site there was news that Lehman Brothers transferred around $800 B to Israel before its fall. If this is true, Rothschilds sunk their own bank to destroy the financial markets. Lately there were news of Steven Lerner who talked about sinking J.P.Morgan, another Rothschild holding.

    If you google Overseas Privatization Unit and take the option wherer there are sitesl like: A- The basis of local government, B- City of London Corporation, C- The beginning of socialism in London …
    you will find out about the future intent to destroy the financial world, by the Rothschild. And to steal the state assets around the world and transfer them to London.

    If you read the site by Bob Chapman, he also warns about the Illuminati that control central banks (Fed and BIS) have in the process of taking down the financial system. Chapman also informs how BIS allowed mark-to-model system and double set of books.
    Peter Schiff, a Rothschild agent is asking for WWIII on his site.

    If they try to take down the system, probably it is because they have around 100 trillion in derivates and are broke. I think the sanest thing would be take out the moneys from these Rothschild banks, and not take any loans from them. And never ever get to WWIII.

  3. Mary Hough Says:

    The big banks have failed. They are dependent upon sovereign nations to bail them out. This is not a success story. It is no different from the guy who took out a mortgage and couldn’t make the payments.

    They could not make the payments of their debts. They called in the government to keep them afloat. They failed. Why do they get a bonus for failure…it is only taking out more capital from their failed banks. They need the money just like the homeowner needed the money if something goes wrong. These guys in the banks are not stupid, they know this. They would not have the high compensation if they had to keep money in reserve. Excuse me, I do not like being their reserve fund.

    Tough toenails if they feel stymed by rules of leverage. The rule of law needs to be enforced. They are using other people’s money…to make their obscene wealth. They failed….they should all be out of a job.

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