Lights, Camera, ACTION! The Free Market Crackdown

Published By: All Right Magazine on October 23, 2009

Other People's Money


When it comes to the Monopoly money mentality being utilized by BHO/FDR since his beatification, the idea of “accountability” has been completely jettisoned in favor of “action.”

The liberals love to leap into action without both critical thinking and the fear of consequence for two reasons. If they manage to stumble into what they consider to be “success,” they can call themselves geniuses and fellow liberals can then award them undeserved Peace Prizes, Oscars and such. When their socialism inevitably fails or extends the misery that they claim they are trying to alleviate, they can just say that they “inherited this mess.”

That sound that you hear is the free market struggling and suffocating beneath the liberal travesty of TARP. What you don’t know is that TARP is actually an acronym for Totalitarians Against Real Progress. Even those tasked with overseeing the liberal lunacy eventually let the fallacies and the fantasies of the failed Demokratic logic slip when cornered in public. When it comes to the ridiculous sums handed out by the moronic money changers of the left, Neil Barofsky, who goes by the amorphous un-elected title of “Special Treasury Department Inspector General,” said that “It’s too early to say how much will be repaid to the taxpayers.” There is always a “transparent” lack of concern when money that came from middle class “taxpayers” is on the line.

According to “Bailout watchdog expects much to remain unrefunded” (apnews myway) Turbo Timmy and his gang of merry men at Treasury have forked over $454 billion through TARP and $73 billion has grudgingly been given back. The liberals are completely unconcerned with the idea of repayment. They will reflexively do one of two things. They will either tax the middle class even further into oblivion in order to raise more “revenues” or they will simply print more valueless currency. My guess is that they will do BOTH until they are forcibly stopped.

Barofsky in his report said that “Treasury’s actions in this regard have contributed to damage the credibility of the program and of the government itself.” Have no fear Neil, Obama is preparing billions MORE to be earmarked (what other kind of mark could Obama use.) for “small banks.” Neil, read the playbook that you were given, it’s the one with the hammer and sickle on the cover. Turn to page one: take “action,” blame others. Obama now believes that he has transcended government and his status as a liberal deity takes precedence. The REALITY is that the “actions” of the Slight House will be paid for by generations to come. Obama’s real idea behind “shovel ready jobs” was that he was surrounding himself with like-minded socialist minions who will bury the United States. Barofsky mentions Treasury’s “less-than-accurate statements” as well. Neil’s unfamiliarity with liberals seems apparent, as lying is as congenital to the leftists as body lice.

Not ones to stop when logic interrupts childish reflexive responses (action), the liberals are now demanding that executives take “pay cuts.” Elizabeth Warren, yet another un-elected liberal who is wielding a socialist scimitar given to her by Obama, said that “the rollback is real.” (CBS Early Show 10/22/09) What is Warren’s justification for this Huey Long “Share Our Wealth” brand of socialism? “Guys, you have got to understand that you can’t party on like its 2007″, she said.

See Neil, blame others. Remember however that the liberals don’t really want to blame “others,” they want to blame Bush. “Others” refers to “Republicans as a group” through inference. Keep in mind that in “2007″, the disgusting liberals were in charge of spending as they controlled both the House and the Senate. This is what happens when critical thinking is applied to liberal heresy. Stick with me, Neil.

What motivates yet another anonymous liberal like Warren who has had such power bestowed to them by another formerly anonymous liberal? Just take a closer look at the liberal’s past for a sobering (a curse word in Joe Biden’s vocabulary) dose of “transparency.”

Warren has collaborated with Michael Moore in his “Capitalism: A Love Story.” She is a contributing “blogger” at the Huff and Puff-ington compost and most revealing of all, she collaborates with the “Americans for Fairness in Lending.” When liberals start talking about, or naming their groups, anything to do with “fairness,” “fairness” is the farthest thing from it. Who is the number one friend/collaborator with “Americans for Fairness in Lending”? ACORN. The progressive provenance, the “transparency,” is there for all now to see.

Warren’s “rollback” refers to a “90 percent” cut and as well, to “cut their compensation in half.” (”TARP head says pay cuts for executives justified” Breitbart) Warren is apparently expecting “executives” to begin earning money the old fashioned liberal Demokratic way, under the table. Liberal politicians and political wonks all claim paltry salaries on their tax forms, but somehow with the “spirit of public service” coursing through their communist veins they acquire such palatial estates similar as Hyannis Port, for example. How can “politicians” like Obama afford such digs as the one he landed with the help of yet another of his felonious friends Tony Rezko, BEFORE he was elected president? The Obamazombies may all know what an executive at AIG may be making but the taxpayers (and the IRS) have no idea what the liberal politicians are “making,” or would that more accurately be “taking”?

Further restrictions demanded by the socialists are “country club memberships, private planes and company cars.” Now the socialists want executives to “get permission for these perks from the government.” Mind you, EVERY liberal in office and even those who are part of the ever-burgeoning liberal entourage polluting Washington ALL have unfettered access to “country club memberships, private planes and company cars.” The progressive’s “perks” and pork goes even farther. “Cadillac plan” insurance policies, Secret Service escorts, etc., etc. Who do these liberals answer to? Where is the “transparency”?

The liberals want to “crack down” on formerly free market enterprises but governmental entities that have been given taxpayer provided gifts by Santa Fraud and his un-elected elves are mysteriously exempt. “Freddie Mac is giving its chief financial officer compensation worth as much as $5.5 million, including a $2 million signing bonus. The government controlled mortgage finance company doesn’t have to follow the executive compensation rules because it is being paid outside the TARP.” Are you beginning to see how liberalism works? That certainly sounds “fair” doesn’t it?

In the end Barofsky said, “It’s unrealistic to think that we’re going to get all of that money back.” Neil, with the liberals that you are now in bed with, being “unrealistic” is what it is all about and thinking has never had, nor will it ever have, anything to do with it.

LARRY WILKE is a part-time cynic and full-time curmudgeon residing in St. Louis. Read more at


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  1. S. Wesley Mcgranor Says:

    Free-enterprise was under attack by those that argued that mexican labor was taking jobs. Jobs that were filled in the spirit of free-enterprise, since the opposition wants state oversight.

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