Chinese National On Biden Security Detail?

Published By: All Right Magazine on March 30, 2011

By Adrian Wyllie

1787 Network

TAMPA – As Vice President Joe Biden attended a fundraising event in downtown Tampa on Friday, local activists encountered a intriguing member of the security detail outside the event, who seemed to indicate on video she was involved with the Chinese government.

Activists Jordan Harrah and Matt Leffler with We Are Change Tampa were approached and questioned by two members of Biden’s security detail, a white male and an Asian female. The man identified himself as a Tampa police officer, and provided his identification.

The woman refused to identify herself. However, she was wearing a lapel pin with the five pointed star and crest worn by United States Secret Service agents. Unlike normal Secret Service insignia, this pin was on a red, octagonal background. She also wore an ear bud commonly associated with Secret Service agents.

When asked if she worked for the government, she replied, “I can’t answer that,” but later described her role as “beyond federal.”  When asked when she worked for the Chinese government, she responded, “That’s a possibility,” and nodded repeatedly.

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