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The Economy: The Opiate of the Classes

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Socialism is a wrecking ball on the worlds economy.


Yes, the title of this piece is a takeoff on the overworked paraphrased quote of Karl Marx who said, “Religion is the opiate (opium) of the masses.” Religion is under fire in America but if statistics are worth anything it can be seen that cocaine is at the height of its popularity and in full demand, whereas religion or more exactly, Christianity, is taking a beating.

With drug cartels battling on the borders of our nation with military grade weapons, mobster tactics and disregard for any nation’s laws, it would seem that cocaine is the opiate of the masses in this nation.

For those with no interest in cocaine there is yet one more opiate that is saturating the hearts and minds of most Americans. Concern over the economy is second to none. The only exceptions are those who are in a cocaine induced trance probably so they won’t have to think about our crumbling economy, joblessness and stock market plunges.

The meaning of Marx’s labored phrase is probably understood, but I wouldn’t take anything for granted in a world like ours. But I will take a moment to describe this world, or at least our little part of it, with just a few current events highlights that once again, sound all too much like something from “Ripley’s Believe it or Not.”



Obama on Ground Zero Mosque: Rights for Muslims, Tough Luck for Other Americans

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

muslimamericaBy Rev. MICHAEL BRESCIANI

Only a few short months after snubbing the National Day of Prayer President Obama continued his war on American sensibilities at a meeting honoring the close of the religious observance of Ramadan.

Celebrating at a dinner in the White House on Friday August 13, Obama followed the meeting with a statement that Muslims had a right to build a mosque even in Lower Manhattan.  Polls taken across the nation indicate that very few Americans are in agreement with his assertions.

On the evening of July 27, 2010, Helen Friedman, took to a podium in a New York community board meeting and declared that building the Mosque at Ground Zero was the equivalent of America receiving a Trojan Horse from the Muslims. Such sentiment reflects the feelings of most 9/11 families of victims lost to the deliberate destruction of the Trade Towers done by Muslim radicals.

Following that event Canadian author Farzana Hassan appeared on the O’Reilly Factor, Friday, August 13, and said that the mosque was indeed a Trojan Horse because there would be no way of knowing just what kind of things would be allowed to take place inside the environs of the proposed Mosque.



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