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9/11 Prophecies, Gibson Guitars, and Pabulum for the Naïve

Saturday, September 10th, 2011


Getting between three to five hundred emails a day is not my idea of great fun, but I never ignore any of them and it is always surprising what is on the minds of my readers. Hatred and vitriol comes in regularly, after that are the serious and many strong supporters whose concern for the path our nation is taking is growing exponentially.

Occasionally I get a word from those who have done their homework and are asking legitimate questions about the signs of the times and Biblical prophecy. They are the ones I love to respond to with the very best answers I can seriously offer. In fact it amazes me more each day just how many people are becoming fully aware of prophecy and understand how today, more than any other time in the history of our planet, those prophecies are closing in on a tumultuous time whose details and final outcome are meticulously outlined in the scriptures.

Recently one well versed student of prophecy asked me about a site where a well known minister posted his prophetic messages. That minister proclaimed that events like 9/11 would never come again to our shores at least for another generation. I was compelled to answer the question my reader sent in by reminding him that real prophecy doesn’t generally promise good times in exchange for bad behavior.



Newsmen, Jesus, and the Next Economic Crash

Friday, May 14th, 2010


A simple scan of current events, a gander at the online or TV news will leave you reeling in disbelief. Never before have newsmen and reporters been so highly lauded for the work they do. Yet in the end it is like the adage; water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

The nature of news reporting has significantly changed in the last decade. Now news people are laden with opinions and are undertaking causes. The old Cronkite “And that’s the way it is” has become “that’s the way I see it” and is followed by more analysis and debate throughout the night and day – day after day – ad infinitum.

Discussing the call on my life to prophetic utterance with a friend I was forced to conclude that my message would be at the bottom of a list, a long list, of names of those people Americans take time to listen to. Only when events begin to unfold does my name warrant moving up the list. Every time the President proposes some new “change” for America or when some new attack on our citizens takes place do people take notice of anything I have said; my own website fluctuates on that basis.



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