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Opaque Transparency or Smoke and Mirrors?

Monday, October 26th, 2009

freedomofspeechAssault on Free Speech Continues


Remember the promise of transparency that helped win the Presidency?  All bills passing Congress would be posted for 5 days before signed.  Seems the rules have changed.  Apparently the pledge only applied to NON-emergency bills and everything is an emergency in the New Republic.  The first bill signed into law the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was apparently an emergency.  We had to pass the pork-laden stimulus bill before any of the Best-Congress-Money-Can-Buy could read it; otherwise unemployment might reach the unacceptable 8% range though most of the provisions wouldn’t kick in for months or years.  The Bums-Rush is also being applied to the nationalization of medicine though the provisions of this monstrosity conveniently won’t overwhelm us until after the next presidential election.

In a direct assault against even the possibility of transparency the Chicago trained attack machine in the West Wing (Chicago’s 51st Ward) decided they have the power to decide what constitutes news.   For months they’ve refused to allow anyone on Fox.  This started when Chris Wallace had the bad taste to fact-check several statements made by White House officials and then the inexcusably bad taste to mention the official statements didn’t line up with the facts.  This was bad enough, but Fox commentator Glenn Beck dared to expose Obama advisor Van Jones as a self-proclaimed communist and then air the Acorn prostitution sting the totally transparent Obama Whitehouse decided it was time to muzzle the only major news network not in the tank.  The Obama Whitehouse declared war on Fox News.



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