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Dog-Gone-Right Featured Toon: NEW PLAN FROM THE TAX CHEAT

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

dog-gone-rightBy WADE BRUMMET

Have you heard of the new Turbo Trillion program?  For only the cost of a song and dance (and interest payments ad infinitum) this software can guide you through borrowing any amount up to 12 trillion dollars!



Lights, Camera, ACTION! The Free Market Crackdown

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Other People's Money


When it comes to the Monopoly money mentality being utilized by BHO/FDR since his beatification, the idea of “accountability” has been completely jettisoned in favor of “action.”

The liberals love to leap into action without both critical thinking and the fear of consequence for two reasons. If they manage to stumble into what they consider to be “success,” they can call themselves geniuses and fellow liberals can then award them undeserved Peace Prizes, Oscars and such. When their socialism inevitably fails or extends the misery that they claim they are trying to alleviate, they can just say that they “inherited this mess.”

That sound that you hear is the free market struggling and suffocating beneath the liberal travesty of TARP. What you don’t know is that TARP is actually an acronym for Totalitarians Against Real Progress. Even those tasked with overseeing the liberal lunacy eventually let the fallacies and the fantasies of the failed Demokratic logic slip when cornered in public. When it comes to the ridiculous sums handed out by the moronic money changers of the left, Neil Barofsky, who goes by the amorphous un-elected title of “Special Treasury Department Inspector General,” said that “It’s too early to say how much will be repaid to the taxpayers.” There is always a “transparent” lack of concern when money that came from middle class “taxpayers” is on the line.



Just How Dumb Does Obama Think We Are?

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Image by Dale


If anyone ever wondered what the application of Saul ‘Red’ Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” would look like they would need to look no further than the Obama administration in action.



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