Breaking Laws Americans Just Won't Break

Published By: All Right Magazine on December 21, 2007



Border patrol agents say that the attacks upon them are increasing dramatically at the border that separates California from Tijuana, Mexico. The agency says its agents have been attacked nearly 1,000 times during a one-year period by assailants hurling stones, bottles and bricks.

In defense against these attacks, Border Patrol agents have begun firing tear gas and powerful pepper-spray weapons across the border into Mexico. United States officials say the new tactics spare lives and avoid shootings.

However the counter offense has drawn complaints from residents of Tijuana. Witnesses in the border neighborhood described eight attacks since August that involved tear gas or pepper spray, some that forced residents to evacuate. “We don’t deserve this,” said Esther Arias Medina, who fled Tijuana with her three week old grandson. “The people who live here don’t throw rocks. Those are people who come from the outside. But we’re paying the price.”

I agree, Mrs. Arias, this is a sad situation that Tijuana residents do not deserve if they are not taking part in the attacks upon our border agents. However, look no further than your own backyard for blame.

Mexican authorities give little or no response to incident reports about the attacks upon U.S. border agents. The agency’s top official in San Diego, Mike Fisher, said agents were taking action because the Mexican authorities had been slow to respond. When an attack occurs, Mr. Fisher said, the agents often wait hours for Mexican officers, who, he said, usually never arrive.

If the Tijuana residents are concerned, they must look to their own government to handle its problems of lawlessness for the protection of its citizens, and we Americans must do the same.

We, as citizens of the United States of America, must stand up and demand protection for our agents and our citizens against lawlessness by insisting that our borders be secured.

Holly Borei is a political activist and author from South
. She is the creator of On The wRite Side.Org where she
writes frequently.


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