Call Me (and Pat Robertson) Crazy, But…

Published By: All Right Magazine on November 20, 2007


Much has been said about Pat Robertson’s endorsement of Rudy Giuliani. He has been called every thing from crazy to a sell out.

I am pro-life, without exception. I believe that abortion is legalized murder, and there is no way around that fact. As the gravest injustice in America, it should officially be made illegal once and for all.

However, I’m going to give an opinion that will most likely have most of my readers thinking I have lost it as well.

Robertson’s endorsement is not so crazy, and he’s not selling out. I hope the reader will allow me the opportunity to explain how I got there.

A lot of the people who are saying these things have never actually had the opportunity to meet Rudy Giuliani. There are a lot of things one can tell about a person from meeting him or her in person versus reading press reports and seeing him or her on television.

I have had the opportunity to meet and hear Rudy Giuliani
speak on two separate occasions. Each time he struck me as nothing but sincere.

He insisted that he hated abortions, and hence as mayor of New
York City he took actions that made adoptions
easier. Abortion levels fell. He said
that although he does not feel that he has a right to dictate abortion or
choose for a woman at the federal level, he is not opposed to it being decided
on a state level by others. He also promised that he would not provide a litmus
test to seek out pro-choice judges and would simply aspire to appoint strict
conservative judges. Over and over again he came off as a person who had no intention
of pushing a pro-choice agenda.

How is this stance much different from that of Fred Thompson?

Fred Thompson recently said the following on Meet The Press regarding this issue: "People ought to be free,
at state and local levels, to make decisions even Fred Thompson disagrees
with,” he said. “That’s what freedom is about."

Recently Fred Thompson received The National Right To Life endorsement. I’m yet
to find someone calling that organization crazy.

Giuliani also insisted time and time again that he believes that marriage is
between a man and a woman and that he would take a stand to protect it. Yet
this is another reason that Robertson has been ridiculed for his support of

Call me crazy, but I believe Giuliani, too. When I look into the man’s eyes,
it’s not a liar I see, and I wish I could say that about a lot more

As a Christian Conservative, Rudi Giuliani is not my first choice. However,
when one considers the things above and throws in Giuliani’s tough stance on
terrorism and his determination for the protection of Israel,
he becomes a reasonable candidate for Christian voters.

One thing is for certain. Any of the Republican candidates would do a better
job at representing the values of Christian voters than the most conservative
Democratic candidate.

Holly Borei is a political activist from South Carolina. She is the creator of On The wRite Side.Org where she writes frequently under the user id "Write-On."


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