Sarah Steelman vs. Hollywood (and Claire McCaskill)

Published By: All Right Magazine on May 23, 2012

Sarah Steelman - U.S. Senate 2012

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Hollywood already has two Senate seats in California. Now they’re trying to buy a third one here in Missouri.

Please let me explain. My name is Sarah Steelman and I am a conservative Republican running for United States Senate from Missouri. And I need your help right now.

What might seem like a fairly normal Senate race has been transformed into one of the most important races this year. Here’s why:

The Hollywood-liberal-elites are trying to hijack this Senate Seat — and that’s no exaggeration!

You see, my Democrat opponent, Claire McCaskill has a series of liberal celebrities who are funding her campaign. In the most recent report, she showed nearly $50,000 raised from celebrities. This is only the beginning.

Check this list out: Danny DeVito. Susan Sarandon. Kate Capshaw. Steven Spielberg. Every one of them has donated to my liberal opponent.

Defeat Hollywood's 3rd Senator!

She is going to keep raising enormous amounts of Hollywood money for the sole purpose of defeating me!

This is why I had no choice but to write you and a few other dedicated conservatives today.

Bottom line — we need to match the $49,699 Claire McCaskill has raised from Hollywood, starting right now.

Believe me, any amount will help.

I’m a no-compromise conservative woman. I’m a wife and a mother, and the former State Treasurer of Missouri. I serve on the board of the Missouri Club for Growth, and I’ve been endorsed by the Tea Party Express. In short, I’m exactly the type of woman that today’s liberals can’t stand.

These powerful liberals know Claire McCaskill is one of them, and if re-elected will fight everyday for President Obama’s radical agenda.

That’s why they are maxing out their legally allowable contribution amounts. Yes, they are pulling out all the stops to make sure conservative, pro-family woman like me doesn’t win.

My friend, make no mistake, this race is between the conservative Heartland values that you and I share and the distorted ethics of the Hollywood crowd.

So I know you agree when I say that we as conservatives must do all we can to win here. With your help, that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

My opponent has been nothing but a rubber stamp vote for Barack Obama ever since he got elected. Obamacare, Stimulus, Bailout — she voted for all of it, and she’d do it all over again.

Claire McCaskill and Barack Obama have strangled this economy for the last four years. We can’t allow them to keep doing it.

I’ve got an economics degree. I know how to fix this economy. But you don’t need an economics degree to know that Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem — Washington has a spending problem. We need to cut taxes, repeal ObamaCare, and slash spending. Then get out of the way and let the American people create jobs.

None of that happens if Claire McCaskill, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama are in charge after this election.

We have to win this seat and take back the Senate for conservatives. Please join my campaign today, and send a message to Susan Sarandon that this seat isn’t for sale.

For America,

Sarah Steelman
Conservative Republican for U.S. Senate


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