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Daletoon of the Day: Committee on Un-Obama Opinions

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Published By: All Right Magazine on October 6, 2013

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Newsmax: Hot Headlines

Published By: All Right Magazine on August 20, 2013

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Daletoon of the Day: Committee on Un-Obama Opinions

Published By: All Right Magazine on April 15, 2014




DAle-Un-American Activities


DALE is a cartoonist on a mission hailing from northern Virginia, within sniffing distance of Congress. Following in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan, he believes that “If you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” His work can be seen at http://daletoons.blogspot.com/. Whether it be through stunning art or biting humor, Dale’s work takes shots at those in power and powerful ideas.

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Comically Incorrect: Acts of Love and Taxes

Published By: All Right Magazine on April 15, 2014



- Cartoon: Tax-Exempt Delays





I sit somewhere between the Far Side and the Right Side of every issue as the Featured Conservative Political Cartoonist@CDNnow and @BoldSpicyNews .

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Was stopping Nevada’s fracking rush behind the Bundy Showdown?

Published By: StridentConservative on April 15, 2014

Marita Noon 2013 greyThe story of rancher Cliven Bundy has captured an abundance of media attention and attracted supporters from across the West, who relate to the struggle against the federal management of lands. Bundy’s sister, Susan, was asked: “Who’s behind the uproar?” She blamed the Sierra Club, then Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), and then President Obama. She concluded her comments with: “It’s all about control”—a sentiment that is frequently expressed regarding actions taken in response to some endangered-species claim.

An Associated Press report describes Bundy’s battle this way: “The current showdown pits rancher Cliven Bundy’s claims of ancestral rights to graze his cows on open range against federal claims that the cattle are trespassing on arid and fragile habitat of the endangered desert tortoise.”

Bundy’s story has been percolating for decades—leaving people to question why now. The pundits are, perhaps, missing the real motive. To discover it, you have to dig deep under the surface of the story, below the surface of the earth. I posit: it is all about oil and gas.

On April 10, the Natural News Network posted this: “BLM fracking racket exposed! Armed siege and cattle theft from Bundy ranch really about fracking leases.” It states: “a Natural News investigation has found that BLM is actually in the business of raking in millions of dollars by leasing Nevada lands to energy companies that engage in fracking operations.”


Read the rest at The Strident Conservative

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Texas Drifter: Commie Greenies an Endangered Species?

Published By: Texas Drifter on April 15, 2014

Marshall’s Law Dateline – Marxist-fascists radical environmentalists better known as “commie greenies” should go curl up in some out of way corner. Why, U.S. Constitution makes you ignorant, willingly stupid, mean spirited, or just plain evil people America’s new endangered species.

Needed brutal truth for commie greenies; there is an undeniable difference between empirical notes about naturalist studies which involve in to scientific conclusions; and Marxist-fascist- propaganda based on scientific fraud to promote unconstitutional crimes and other tyrannies which violate all laws.

Repetition is good training tool there are two types of laws: “spirit of law” also called natural law and sometimes scientific laws; and two, “word of law”.

Examples of “spirit of law” includes: Ten Commandments; 1581 Act of Abjuration, and Declaration of Independence. Examples of “word of law” includes: common law; U.S. Constitution; Bill of Rights.

Since “spirit of law” always has been, still is, and always will be; can one conclude that “spirit of law” supersedes “word of law” as final authority? Texas Drifter thinks answer is yes without a doubt.

People react to law in several ways
1. Those who abide by law
2. Those who try to abide by law
3. Those who do not abide by the law because of ignorance, moral laziness, or rabid vices
4. Those with rabid souls who are just plain evil much like evil among us in U.S.

Preliminary examples of “commie greenie” global warming or climate change law breakers:
1. Ignorant because they “know” no better
2. Willingly stupid who are too lazy to learn truth
3. Mean spirited who are motivated by vanity, hatred, and greed, or lust for power
4. Purely evil, who may be genetically defined as Satan’s spiritual children

Excerpt: Article I Section 8 United States Constitution – To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;–And … (end excerpt)

Constitution was written by citizen “Framers” representing all types of careers using a writing style that could be understood by all citizens not “legalize” that only lawyers and judges could understand. Both America’s “Founders and Framers” knew what grazing land and parks were.

Reader is asked to show Texas Drifter the constitutional amendment that includes grazing lands and parks in above list from Constitution’s “word of law” specifics: … to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings; …

One can make valid argument that “other needful buildings” does not include grazing lands or federal parks. Seems that one can also present an argument that properties not listed in above specifics; are unconstitutional acquisitions plus, it is an unlawful act for federal government to possess such properties. Consequently all such properties should be returned to States and private citizens.

Since re-cycling is current fad in America, Texas Drifter will re-cycle excerpt of Citizens Passions Entry # 328 Texas Drifter: America Needs Garage Sale – April 21, 2011.

Marshall’s Law Dateline – America needs to follow example of working class Americans resolving their financial problems when their credit ratings are in jeopardy: cut expenses; have garage sale; find part time jobs.

America’s Garage Sale discussion shall start with following

1. Return all unconstitutionally held property by federal government to States
2. Lease off shore mineral rights for extraction with bonds to cover extraction damages and insure environment returned to original state.
3. “Illegal” lands still possessed by federal government shall be returned by auctions to original stewards of land private property owners
4. Al sales will be contingent on cash, municipal bonds, or pre-approved lines of credit.
5. Some Properties shall be sold by sections to provide middle class citizens opportunity to participate in America’s Garage Sale with deeded access easements guaranteed to prevent some unethical capitalists from denying middle class property owners access to their land.
6. Only American citizens can participate in America’s garage sale with attempted purchases by foreign nationals, foreign businesses, or foreign governments resulting in administrative forfeiture of funds used to perpetuate scam.
7. All proceeds go ONLY to pay off America’s national debts.
8. Since Marxist-fascist non-profits have no problem with IRS going after conservatives and conservative organizations; “greenie” non-profits and corporate fascist “invisible legal individuals” representing corporations will all be excluded from participating in “America’s Garage Sale” of lands forfeited by federal government for engaging in criminal conduct against U.S. Constitution and American citizens.

Best part of America’s Garage sale, after federal government returns illegally possessed properties to States and new owners. Services of bureaucrats at agencies like BLM, Interior, EPA, Agriculture, and related agencies reader can list; will have opportunities to pursue careers in fast food restaurants.

Brief brutal truth: America’s federal courts have become Gestapo like enforcers for non-legislated bureaucrat regulations not federal courts honoring their oaths to uphold, protect and defend. Be not surprised when federal public bureaucrats who are not elected unaccountable tyrants receive aid and comfort from federal courts.

Time has arrived for Americans to start discussions about conservation basics like those penned by Texas Drifter – Written years before published during 2008 at Citizens Passions Continue Plus Entry # 105 “Conservative Environmental Standards”.

Reader should thank, not express dislike for Texas Drifter suggesting that the time has arrived; for America’s federal government to get out of, and away from unconstitutional land stealing policies and practices. Also “commie greenies” should not expect much sympathy for their worshiping and following false prophets like Gore and Obama.

Reader should spread message that “word of law” always prevails over actions of law breakers like:
1. Ignorant because they “know” no better
2. Willingly stupid who are too lazy to learn truth
3. Mean spirited who are motivated by vanity, hatred, and greed, or lust for power
4. Purely evil, who are probably genetically Satan’s spiritual children

Clue – Why, remember adage: As it is written in Constitution and Bill of Rights; so shall it be enforced.

Bonus question – Commie Greenies Endangered Species; depends on loyalty of Americans to “spiritual law” and “word of law” – TRUE or FALSE


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Texas Drifter: All Americans Now On Jury Duty

Published By: Texas Drifter on April 15, 2014

Marshall’s Law Dateline – If events described in “Texas Drifter: Idaho Ranchers Then What BLM?” short story “Just Another Dream” had occurred and were actual events; if all Americans are now on jury duty should Travis James be found guilty or not guilty?

Court room scenario might be as follows

Judge (points at defense attorney and says: I remember you as prosecutor from “Texas Drifter: Premonition Senator’ Cornyn’s Treason Trial” (Library Entry # 657). You may make your opening remarks – nothing clever!

Defense Attorney (walks over to railing in front of jury and lays a Bible on railing in front of all Americans now on jury duty – he then places on hand on Bible, then raises his other hand and swears) I will tell whole truth and nothing but whole truth so help me God.

Defense Attorney Continues: Truth is that the defendant Travis James was influenced by PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) resulting from unlawful unconstitutional viciously sadistic actions of your federal government’s bureaucrats until now unaccountable crimes which caused my innocent client to evolve into “battered citizen syndrome”.

Continuing: Little about battered citizen syndrome which we will review in much greater detain in this trial to acquit my innocent client (Defense attorney’s notes)

Here is where exigent and pre-emptive can become blurred legal lines. Consider Texas Drifter’s “battered citizen syndrome” concept. Should new self defense statutes in States like Texas consider expanding citizens’ self defense statutes to include “battered citizen’s syndrome”?

Reference excerpt about “battered citizen syndrome” from All Alright Magazine – Texas Drifter: Is Affluenza Why DC Elites Blanking Crazy? www.allrightmagazine published February 10, 2014.

(Start insert) Allow “battered citizen syndrome” as valid defense when affluenza victims threaten law abiding citizens’ personal security and property as defined by “castle laws”. For more information on “battered citizen syndrome” reader can reference:

Following excerpt from GREEN WHITE WHITE published January 1999 by Editor Marshall – page 150, item “068”.

*068* – One wonders if abuses of socialist governments generate a “battered citizen syndrome?” If battered wife syndrome is a valid defense for use of violent solutions; is the battered citizen syndrome also a valid defense for citizens who react in a similar manner against abusive government?

Intellectual consistency requires that those who accept the battered spouse syndrome as a legal defense to justify violence against an abusive spouse must also accept the battered citizen syndrome as valid legal defense for citizen/s who lashes out with violence against abusive government/s which seems synonymous with abusive husbands or spouses.

To accept less is to deny legitimacy of actions by America’s Founding Fathers in 1700’s; actions by Texas rebels in 1830’s, or actions of those who sought to establish nation of Israel following World War II.

What constitutes sufficient legitimate abuse that contributes to battered citizen syndrome can be debated, but existence of battered citizen syndrome can not be debated. (End excerpt notes)

Defense Attorney Continues: Prosecution will plead for verdict of guilty based on revenge for what future historians will describe as American public sector domestic war criminals.

Continuing: Defense will show that defendant was acting on following principles of self defense based on
1. Generic Judeo-Christian principles in Ten Commandments differences between “thou shall not kill and thou shall not murder” using example of David as my client and Goliath as your federal Leviathan.
2. Act of Abjuration 1581
3. Common Law “Castle Doctrine”
4. Declaration of Independence

Still Continuing: Defense will also show who were responsible and accessories to putting my innocent client in a life threatening self defense situation.

Continuing: My clients’ defense which has sworn to tell whole truth and nothing but truth will illustrate roles of following who put my innocent client in life threatening self defense situation to be
1. Out of control federal bureaucrats with rabid attitudes towards law abiding citizens entitled to inconvenient constitutional due process rights
2. Their accessories who are elected and appointed public officials including legal referees from judges to justices (defense attorney pauses – looks at trial judge and remarks) Not including you Your Honor

Judge: Quips you are getting close to being facetious; Go on.

Defense Attorney Continues: Number three accessories are “toleraters” who condoned with their silence and tolerated above guilty parties who deserve to be brought before Nuremberg type trials in America for public sector domestic war criminals

Final elements of accessories to domestic war criminals genocide and atrocities includes main stream media and main stream media “light” who mostly represent corporate fascist Republican establishment ruling class aristocrats. Both of these media strumpets have traded in their First Amendment freedom of press rights to be propagandists for domestic war criminals attempting to destroy all Americans who believe in America’s traditions, values, and principles – you the jury know which beliefs I reference.

Before the defense for my innocent client closes my opening remarks; defense ask all you Americans serving on this jury: Where was the prosecution after: Malibu, Ruby Ridge; Waco? Where was the prosecution after any of following

1. Federal public sector environmentalist terrorism on ranches in States like Idaho
2. Illegal immigrants’ crimes against millions
3. Fast and Furious I
4. Fast and Furious II (Benghazi)
5. IRS war on conservatives and conservative organizations free speech and voting rights
6. Obama Care
7. Greedy corporate fascist Republican establishment ruling class aristocrats
8. Each of you on the jury can add to list?

Where was the prosecution, after government agents murdered and covered up their crime of murdering Travis James’ wife and child? Where was the prosecution after federal agents murdered and covered up Sunrise Massacre of three hundred eight totally innocent children, women, and men?

Let us never forget what Travis James witnessed by his own words:

Total firepower from two helicopter gun ships quickly turned the pre Easter services into what later became known as the “Sunrise Massacre.” Male members of the community had left their weapons at home to teach the children about the virtues of peace.

Shadow rumors suggest that Travis has told confidants that the children were reciting “Our Father who art in Heaven” as the gun ships suddenly appeared out of the sun and began firing.

What would you have done you as jury members? Had you experienced what my innocent client has experienced? Would you have just said – oh well another day in America; or would you have tried to keep the future from being like the present and recent past?

Recall when I started my opening remarks in defense of my innocent client; remember I laid one hand on this Bible and raised my other hand and took an oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. Let us now see if Mr. Prosecutor has same faith in Integrity I offered you about my self?

Prosecutor (vainly rises and starts to strut over to put his hand on Holiest of all Books – as he lowers his hand to the Bible his hands are covered in flames and Prosecutor yells” – “No opening remarks!”

Jury members were amazed to witness not even tiniest damages to Holiest of all Books.

Judge – Ten minute recess to get that pathetic prosecution whiner some medical attention.

Judge looks at Defense attorney who smiles and asks: Miracle outside intervention?

Editor Marshall will put trial on hold for now. Texas Drifter asked me to inform Reader that America last citizen haters can write their own propaganda to tamper with American jury’s future verdict. TRUE or FALSE

Clue – justice thing about American due process system; American jurors not Defense or Prosecution decides innocent or guilt – WHAT DECIDE YOU?


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Draft Sarah Palin for Senate!

Published By: All Right Magazine on April 15, 2014

Sarah called it!

Obama led the way for Putin’s Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Even before he took the oath of office, Sarah Palin warned us about the disasters to come under Obama’s terrible leadership.

“After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama’s reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next.” — Sarah Palin, 2008

AND Palin was right…when Obama did nothing, Russia took what they wanted. This proves Obama is nothing more than a weak homeland bully — attacking American citizens and watching freedom around the world burn.

Friend, Sarah Palin is the conservative leader we need in the U.S. Senate, NOW.

But her window to commit to this race has almost closed, and that’s why I need you to respond to this request IMMEDIATELY. We need your help to gather the signatures necessary to push Sarah Palin over the top in a critical run for Alaska’s Senate seat in 2014.

CLICK HERE to sign your Draft Sarah Palin petition.

Incumbent liberal Democrat Mark Begich is terrified of an Obama vist to Alaska, because he knows the American people are awakening.

Sarah’s the proven leader we need. She has a better grasp on world politics, and she knows what it means to cherish and protect our American freedoms far better than THE MAN WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE LEADING THE FREE WORLD.

Last I checked, Mark Begich has spent too much time in Washington D.C. begging the Obama administration for favors rather than representing the good people of Alaska. Send Sarah to replace Begich and stop Obama!

Senator Sarah Palin, this is the name we need to put an end to Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s reign of liberal terror.

The United States Senate rests just outside conservative control, and by electing more Tea Party Heroes to replace the establishment cronies from either party — you can be a tangible part of saving our nation from slipping into the vast sea of liberal socialism.

Now more than ever, we need another Tea Party Hero in the Senate to halt Harry Reid and his pals in their war against our Constitution on issues like amnesty and gun control and our nation’s crushing debt. With Sarah in the Senate, conservatives across America will rest easier at night knowing she’s at the watch.

That’s why I need your renewed support today by signing the Tea Party Leadership Fund’s petition to draft Sarah Palin to the U.S. Senate — and I need you to chip in $5 or more to get Sarah’s name on the ballot.

Sarah is the proven Maverick who’s stood up to the special interests in Alaska and has been a tireless advocate for our Tea Party values ever since she hit the national stage.

Sign your name to the petition right now, and make a donation of $5 or more to convince her we’re serious.


Dan Backer
Tea Party Organizer

P.S. We worked hard to get her attention — now let’s seal the deal. By signing our renewed petition, you make a bold statement — you’re tired of the wishy-washy sellout establishment shills and you’re ready to put a real leader in the Senate next to Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Follow this link, sign your name to our petition, and help us show Sarah Palin the Tea Party Leadership Fund has her back!

The Tea Party Leadership Fund is a leader in this freedom movement putting your nationwide support into local action. Learn more.

Paid for by The Tea Party Leadership Fund PAC

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions from foreign nationals or entities are prohibited. Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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Texas Drifter: Are Governor Perry and Obama Allies?

Published By: Texas Drifter on April 15, 2014

Marshall’s Law Dateline – History often repeats itself, case in point Mexico stealing Americans’ water to manufacture “drought crisis “ in South Texas around 2001 and again now in 2014.

Do not recall whether it was Bush II or Perry that flippantly quipped, “Those people in South Texas need to pray for rain”. No what people on America’s Southern porous border needed and still need is an American President and Texas Governor who took or will take action against Mexico stealing water from Americans who also happened to be Texans.

Practically only changes to following published advertisement in 2002 were American political facilitators Internationalist Republican Bush II and Texas Governor Perry. Only changes in contemporary times are political facilitators’ Internationalist Marxist-fascist Progressive Democrat Obama and still Texas Governor Perry.

There are only two people on planet earth currently responsible for the current South Texas water crisis: Obama and Perry (then Governor Perry and President Bush II). The problem started while President Bush was Governor of Texas, and has re-occurred under Obama Administration. If a thief breaks into your home; who does reader hold responsible, the thief or the security guard that did not do their job?

The South Texas water issue is simple: Mexico steals treaty promised water; Mexico refuses to return stolen water; while President Bush then and Obama now takes not even half hearted measures to protect American citizens from Mexican economic terrorism.

Economic terrorism which cost the Rio GrandeValley economy more than: two billion dollars and thirty thousand jobs while Bush II was President. Not to mention, destroying the Valley’s agriculture industry, and eventually costing tens of thousands of more South Texas residents their homes when school, city, and county property taxes doubled or tripled.

Citizens of South Texas should be inflamed that Mexican oil seems to be more important to American politicians than the financial well being and civil rights of South Texas farmers, ranchers, their employees, and all the businesses they support.

South Texas’ current Mexico fabricated water crisis involves more than Mexico simply returning stolen water. Other issues are compensation by Mexico for actual damages could exceed estimated to be one billion dollars under Obama and Perry alliance; not counting yet to be determined punitive damages,

Not including actual damages and punitive damages in resolving first a Republican and now Progressive Democrat manufactured water crisis in South Texas, equates to crime without punishment for economic terrorism.

Studies report that Mexico could be the eleventh wealthiest nation in the world, while average Mexican citizens could rank between: one hundred forty to one hundred fifty in per capita income.

People of South Texas seeking actual and punitive monetary damages against Mexico by resorting to any of the following would be seeking just compensation from one of the world’s richest nations, not some of the world’s poorest citizens:

1. The First Amendments guarantees citizens the right to petition the government for grievances. File a class action civil suit against Obama’s State Department for both criminal negligence for falling to stop Mexico from engaging and continuing to engage in economic terrorism, and two not forcing Mexico to return water stolen from the United States.

2. American courts have ruled that private American citizens have a right to sue foreign governments for damages resulting from acts of terrorism.

3. Petition the U.S. Senate and Congress to pass legislation that prohibits the importation from Mexico all products directly or indirectly grown, raised, produced, or manufactured from illegal gains (water stolen by Mexico).

Eighty to ninety percent of those affected by first Bush’s now Obama’s “America Last” water policy are American Hispanics.

Only time will tell if South Texas American Hispanics will send Obama and Governor Perry the message that it takes more than speaking in condescending child like remedial Spanish to get their votes.

The time has arrived for all Americans to start warning federal and state Republican candidates that it will take action not promises to get their votes. So get on your phones; get on the Internet; tell everyone you know to spread the word: NO WATER NO VOTE; NO WATER NO VOTE; NO WATER NO VOTE.

Again, do not recall whether it was Bush II or Perry that flippantly quipped, “Those people in South Texas need to pray for rain”. No what people on America’s Southern porous border needed and still need is an American President and Texas Governor who took or will take action against Mexico stealing water from Americans who also happened to be Texans. TRUE or FALSE

Emerging fact, Mexico could have stolen over million acre feet of water during Mexico’s latest stealing cycle by 2015. TRUE or FALSE

Reader might ask, why anyone should care if Mexico steals water and bankrupts Texans living along America’s Southern porous border. Consider anecdotes as being examples of what happens to others. Regional political issues might predict politician’s loyalties to voters if politician gets elected to national office. TRUE or FALSE

Question, wonder if Texas’ new Governor and new Lt. Governor will continue to serve Mexico’s interests; or will stand up for Americans who also happen to be Texans? Or should question be stand up for Texans who also happen to be Americans. Sometimes Texas Drifter gets easily confused as he gets older. TRUE or FALSE

If politicians are not loyal to their geo-regional voters; why would they be loyal to voters in federal elections? Good candidate question for Texas Governor Perry who might seek national Office. TRUE or FALSE

BONUS QUESTION: Bush II, Obama, Governor Perry policies toward South Texas farming and ranching interests seem similar to Obama’s BLM attitudes and policies towards America’s agriculture interests in Western United States? TRUE or FALSE

Clue: Both geo-regional policies’ objectives:

  1. Deprive American private sector interests of natural resources needed for ethical capitalists to make honest livings
  2. Steal private citizens homes when not able to pay inflationary local property taxes
  3. Arrest to deny Second Amendment Rights if convicted when private citizens are peacefully assembled to petition government for bureaucrats’ fascist policies
  4. Seems about only inalienable right not threatened or endangered is inalienable right to life; which Obama Care should resolve with its withholding medical treatment death panels

Extra bonus question, explain in seven words or less why America’s employed, retired, and unemployed should pay higher prices for farm and ranch products; could it be simply be because Bush II, Obama, and Governor Perry chose to side with Mexican aristocrats;  not Southern Border Texans who also happen to be Americans? TRUE or FALSE

Clue: How many acres of both farming and ranching ventures could benefit from million plus acre feet of water stolen by Mexico from South Texas agriculture entrepreneurs?


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Texas Drifter: Idaho Ranchers. Then What BLM?

Published By: Texas Drifter on April 15, 2014


Marshall’s Law Dateline – Recent in scheme contemporary history: Malibu, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City. Now citizens are witnessing Bureau of Land Management’s treatment of Idaho Ranchers and civilians; then what?

Side note, reality is always reality; perception may or may not be reality. Governments always lying about reality of their crimes against citizens; can create false perceptions that can spark violence and even civil war.

That been said, old adage is still true: Stand with tyrants, be judged with tyrants.

Is following short story a premonition, if “cooler federal heads do not prevail”: then again is the inevitable always the inevitable? Texas Drifter hopes not. Why, no amount of words can ever describe true costs, horrors, and atrocities to innocents in civil wars.

Title: “Just Another Dream”

“Where do you draw the line when government has gone mad? Do you draw the line when government violates the rights of the accused? Do you wait and draw the line after government carries out on sight executions against people you do not know? Do you draw the line when government steals your neighbor’s property, or do you wait and draw the line when government starts to massacre your family? Life is about staying free. Hating socialists for being socialists is a waste of time. From concentration camps to strumpet house democracies; history teaches there will always be freedom’s scavengers, and the rest of us.”
Crazy Luke

Reality and dreams exist between fact and fiction. Sometimes dreams become reality. I met Travis James shortly after his unfortunate encounter with the government.

It seems that some crime fighting task force shot to death James’ wife and child while raiding the wrong house.

Government attorneys used Supreme Court authorized asset forfeiture laws to prevent a potential law suit by confiscating James’ house, vehicles, and cash. This public sector theft technique involves “planting” drug paraphernalia like the “rolling papers” found among Travis’s dead wife’s possessions.

Mr. James wanted me to teach him about the intelligence business. He asked almost in the same breath, if he could work off my training fees?

I told Mr. James that I had a cabin thirty miles from no where that needed some plumbing and carpentry work. It was explained that the deal would be to fix up the instructor’s cabin in return for: training and a thousand dollars in wages; half now and half when the work was done.

There was no way of knowing how long it had been since Mr. James had smiled; guess it really didn’t matter. After giving Travis the five hundred, he was told to (1) study EXTREME DUTY: Behind American Lines; (2) make notes of his surroundings while living at the ranch; and (3) submit an essay on his impressions about both.

The response was immediate, “Can I leave today?”

Mr. James was informed about a small general store where he could charge food, clothes, supplies, and repair materials to my account. Before wishing Mr. James luck, he was told that the assignment “will” take ninety days.

Three months later I gave Mr. James a thousand-dollar bonus for turning a shack into a survivalist castle. The final exam essay was frightfully brilliant. Let me share the first line with you: Socialists are so incredibly predictable, even ants pass on the right while traveling their insect’s roads.

Whatever happened to Mr. Travis James, his passion created a legend. Perhaps I should have reminded Travis that consuming hate affects patience. Word from the shadows is that James was predestined to serve fate by carrying out the following operation strategy.

Travis’s date with infamy stared in a final attempt to avoid political oppression. He was drifting throughout America when he inadvertently discovered a small pro Second Amendment ranching community in Idaho.

This community had offended the federal government by: 1) refusing to register all fire arms within in three miles of any publicly owned property including open range lands.

Male members of this valley community attended public discussions at a bluff over looking the valley at sunrise every other Friday. These spirited debates were about anything and every thing.

Federal government agents did not wear agency identification logos or name tags; a tactic learned from Putin in Ukraine.  This “no name agency, with no name tag” federal agents decided this public meeting would be the perfect time to take all males from the offending community into custody.

Arrest was not a likely scenario since Waco where the government abandoned standoff negotiations for on site executions.

The federal government ignored reports that attendance at these community gatherings was about to include all community residents. Civil bureaucrats using military surplus helicopter gun ships initiated their assault on the public-spirited assembly as scheduled.

Mr. James was trying to avoid politics and had decided to opt for an early morning walk on the trails overlooking the bluff. He was a helpless witness to the slaughter of 308 unarmed, men, women and children.

Total firepower from two helicopter gun ships quickly turned the pre Easter services into what later became known as the “Sunrise Massacre.” Male members of the community had left their weapons at home to teach the children about the virtues of peace.

Shadow rumors suggest that Travis has told confidants that the children were reciting “Our Father who art in Heaven” as the gun ships suddenly appeared out of the sun and began firing.

It has also been alleged that task force agents scattered assault weapons among the pieces of corpses before allowing journalists to visit the crime scene. A real possibility, it was later proven that not only were none of the weapons loaded; some of the weapons had ties to Fast and Furious I.

The most chilling account of the Sunrise Massacre relates to Travis’s claims that he heard the screams of the dying above the combined noises from the gun ships and their weapons. Travis’s fate had created a man for whom nightmares were a relief from conscious memories.

Mr. James first task was to raise sufficient fluids to finance his one person crusade to prevent the future from resembling the past. This was accomplished by taking unreported confiscated cash from dirty cops. Some accounts suggest that Mr. James managed to appropriate a small fortune over several months.

Travis James next chore was to carry out operation “none of the above.” Somewhere along the way, Mr. James decided that the only recruit who could help him carry out his plan was a professional renegade known “in the business” as “Crazy Luke.”

After expending a sizeable portion of his war chest on intelligence, Travis learned that Crazy Luke was being held in a federal “neighborhood clandestine prison.” These secret government prisons house political prisoners in neighborhood homes obtained through asset forfeiture laws.

The challenge facing Mr. James was to create a diversion to facilitate Crazy Luke’s early release. What happened next is still a topic of debate.

Some say that the death of a high ranking task force manager was accidental; others claim that it was planned. No matter why the death occurred, there were no guards at the federal neighborhood clandestine prison when Travis released Crazy Luke without incident.

Agents upon returning from the funeral assumed that Crazy Luke’s cell door had been inadvertently not locked in the rush to attend memorial services for their fallen companion.

Travis James and Crazy Luke only shared two things in common: both hated tyranny and both were masters of “the streets.” What happened next is pure speculation.

The pair’s first activities probably included: (1) studying a scouting video of an unidentified national guard armory, and (2) figure out how long it would take to: move a field artillery piece a quarter of a turn; set up the weapon; load the weapon; position the weapon; and fire two rounds?

Mr. James and Crazy Luke no doubt thought of their assignment as a challenge for the ultimate sniper. They probably waited until they scouted potential escape routes before deciding precise target coordinates.

This two-man team obtained three experimental biological warheads modified for use in National Guard artillery pieces. The bio-weapon turned out to be genetically altered one-celled dinoflagellates known as “Phantom Plus.” Effects of these “six hour epidemics” are nausea from intestinal hemorrhaging, blurred vision, loss of memory, uncontrollable rage, and respiratory failure

Other supplies probably included night vision equipment, infrared heat detectors, communications’ equipment, scanners, weapons, vehicles, and other tools of the trade.

These two patriots or two terrorists, depending on whom you talk to, were both thought to be “sticklers” for details. Travis and Crazy Luke probably spent countless hours in total darkness preparing for, and practicing their chosen tactic.

What happened next is still speculation; two undisputable facts are that the community that quartered the National Guard Armory suffered a total electrical blackout shortly before two rounds were fired from an “unsecured” artillery field piece.

This same small town which is about twenty miles from the target was later identified as the source of both bio-warheads that struck their intended target

Published news reports claimed that a small band of disgruntled federal employees with ties to the “lying” Democratic Party claimed responsibility, and escaped through the Armory fence, down a ditch to a small parking area.

Initial nation wide reactions of shock and confusion to the shelling were followed by random violence from federal agencies, random public bureaucrats, criminals, and citizen mobs.

Federal regional task force agents obtained the names of possible suspects through systematic use of torture and random on site executions. No surprises here since there were no survivors attending the annual Presidential State of the Union Address.

Travis’s objective resembled objectives of those who imported the plague into Athens after the death of Socrates. Excessive bureaucratic brutality of innocent citizens often leads to retaliation intended to change decaying republic’s “inbred” dominant culture.

Shadow rumors have suggested that, when asked why he did what he did, Travis said: The only reason people like me have not taken action sooner is because the Republicans promised to change the system. It was the compromises of the corporate fascist Republican establishment ruling class aristocrats that convinced me that the time for trusting “Moderate Republicans” had passed. Once the time for talking has passed, there are only two options: run and hide, or hit and run.

Welcome to the rules of America’s domestic cold war. Internationalists and government loyalists carry out acts of violence against private citizens and blame a right wing conspiracy. Patriots carry out acts of violence against their aggressors and blame a left wing conspiracy.

Mr. James and Crazy Luke have thus far managed to complete their first post operation challenge: avoid being casualties of federal government initiated random lethal anarchy. Their second challenge is surviving until the removed officials are replaced with patriots who abide by original constitutional law.

Talk about embarrassing, I forgot to give Travis James a final grade for his final exam essay. What people say is true; the memory is the second thing to go.

Let’s see, if what is left of the government, arrests Mr. James I’ll give him an “F’; on the other hand, if Travis gets away, the man gets a “C.”

I guess ninety days of training just weren’t enough. Mr. Travis James would have gotten an “A” if he had stayed out of politics.

Don’t schools teach history anymore? It’s always easier to start a premature conflict than stop a poorly planned conflict. Latest American examples include Bush adventurism in Iraq and Obama’s imperialism in Afghanistan. America’s first Foreign Cold War lasted estimated fifty years; America’s Domestic Cold War has barely started.

As for me, Travis’s foolishness has relegated my activities to spending time at the survivalist castle watching ants pass on the right

Trying to be honest, America may be a great place to live for civil servants, public subsidy addicts, and internationalists. Reality for the rest of us is that the great experiment has evolved into just another police state.

Reality and dreams exist between fact and fiction. Sometimes dreams become reality.

Some realities seem so unreal that merely pretending helps these realities become dreams. Pretending tends to stop working with the sounds of public sector mobs breaking through doors. Sunrise, high noon, sundown, or midnight, the consequences are the same.

I just do not understand how patriots who volunteer to suffer the horrors of fighting foreign tyrants; can be so dispassionate, while their own governments rob, terrorize and murder their neighbors. What embarrasses me the most is that I lack the courage to look into a mirror to see the answer. (End story)

Texas Drifter is beginning to feel all writ out, and will offer only one question for this writing exercise. Should someone remind Marxist-fascist Obama, his allies like BLM, EPA, and other federal agencies reader can list; plus corporate fascist Republican establishment ruling elite aristocrats that: The majority of Americans are not likely to tolerate federal government’s anti-Christ policies forever? TRUE or FALSE


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